Remote Translator Jobs and Opportunities

Translator Jobs Remote

Translators use their language skills to convert written and audio materials into another language. They work on a freelance basis and may be required to travel. Some translators work in the medical industry and interpret for deaf people.

Gengo is a freelance website that offers translation jobs in various languages. It pays its translators $0.05 to $0.07 per word and provides a variety of projects.


Lionbridge offers full-time and part-time jobs that are both remote and on-site. Its main categories are translators, raters, and interpreters. The company works in 26 countries and is open to corporate associates, college students, and freelancers. It also offers a variety of internships.

Working with Lionbridge is an excellent way to learn new skills, improve your language proficiency, and get the experience you need to move up in a career. It also offers many benefits to its employees, including free meals and gym memberships.

According to Comparably, 131 employees rated Lionbridge as average in their satisfaction with various culture dimensions. The top-rated areas were Environment, CEO Rating, and Outlook. These factors put Lionbridge in the Top 35% of similar-sized companies on Comparably. This is a sign of a healthy and positive workplace culture.


Telelanguage is a translation company that provides telephonic, video remote and on-site language interpretation to clients in the United States. Their services include document translations, interpreter scheduling, reporting, invoicing and language assessment evaluations. They also offer specialized language training for interpreters who are not certified.

They are looking for freelance translators who can help with a wide variety of projects, including public announcements and ordinances and rulings. They are also seeking translators who can work on legal, IT, marketing and software documents.

Linguistic Systems is another company that occasionally looks for freelance translators and interpreters. They require a bachelor’s degree and familiarity with translation software tools. They pay weekly via Paypal. They are located in the northeast United States. They are looking for translators who can assist with online Zoom remote meetings.

TELUS International

TELUS International is a leading digital CX company that places a high value on the satisfaction and well-being of its employees. It offers a wide variety of opportunities for career advancement and an uplifting work environment that encourages diversity and inclusion.

The company hires linguists and other localization professionals to work from home. It offers captioning and transcription services as well. Applicants must pass background checks and be able to translate into English. This agency also requires a bachelor’s degree in linguistics or a related field.

Gig workers on this online translation platform are paid $417 per month on average. It is one of the best-known online translation agencies and is a popular choice among freelance translators. It has an easy sign-up process, and you can choose projects that match your skills.


If you’re a bilingual freelance translator looking for more work opportunities, there are several online translator jobs that pay well. These companies are constantly seeking translators to take on assignments and provide quality translation services. Some of these jobs are contract, while others are flexible and can be done from home or anywhere in the world.

Rev is an online transcription, captioning, and foreign subtitling company that enlists freelancers to translate audio files into English. Freelancers who sign up with Rev are called “Revvers.” They can earn between $1.50 and $3 per audio minute.

Network Omni is another company that regularly seeks freelance translators for translation projects. They offer remote video and telephonic interpreting. They also provide support for deaf and hard-of-hearing clients.


Founded at New York University Stern School of Business in 1992, TransPerfect has become the world’s largest language services provider. They work with the world’s most recognizable companies to help them overcome their business challenges. Their global network of linguists and subject-area specialists have helped them grow from a small startup to an industry leader.

Employees say that they love their job and are excited to go to work every day. They also feel that the company is fun and supportive. The majority of employees also believe that the pace of work is fast.

However, the company has a few flaws that make them less than ideal. One of these is their translation quality, which is poor. They often translate words incorrectly, such as humongous into big. This is frustrating for clients, especially those with legal documents.

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